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  2. Rimuru™

    New Home Update

    Item Updates : Brisingamen is now +20 Int and Added 2% Magic Attack. Dark Brisingamen is now +25 Int. Tao Gunka Card Fixed Item Description. Tempest Stone Added to Item list. Golden Thief Bug Card Effect Increase by 10% ( From 50% to 60% ). Brown Valkyrie Shield Nerfed from 50% Water and Fire Resistance to 30%. NPC Updates : World Boss Treasure Chest is Now Fixed. Added Costume Items Quest. Godly Quest Moved to Askydun. Skill Updates : ColdBolt and FireBolt Increase by 15%. Misc Updates : Super Novice Increase Maximum HP.
  3. kriempots

    about frost

    i suggest its like other high rate server if luk goes 300 up then youre immune to frost but not going to be unfrost server, for those who have luk 300+ only, just like kiinzRO
  4. I try using high wizard card in my headgear but my damage is the same. The high wizard card pierce magic defenses right? but i think my damage is greater than without it so i guess high wizard card is not working well. And also the tao gunka card is it really -50% of magic and physical? is it the same with the rms? Thats only all is well and balance or maybe i didnt test other items and cards too. please test it to know if its working well. thanks! more power.
  5. kbrothers25


    SUGGESTIONS -add more automated events -different prizes from automated events(not just cash points) -remove prontera map in Find the Mushroom event, its hard to find the mushroom in that town because of the design. -at least have one GM present everyday for GM events and also to welcome and help new players to their questions about your server. -add more quest items or quest costumes, daily quests and custom quest instances just like the askydun quest so that the players can have something to do. -please remove the vend on the mall. It should be from the players vend, so that the player will learn how to trade and have their own economy. -please also do once or twice update monthly on the server so the players will know that the admins have future plan to the server.
  6. Kapitan Tootan


    Here's your Simple, Quick and Easy Guide for your TREASURE HUNTING QUEST ! 1. MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION NPC. There's no level or job requirement for this quest, but you must have 500 million Zennies on your stash as MEMBERSHIP FEE to proceed for this Quest. You may Use @warp yuno_in01 120 164 to warp on Membership registration NPC. Tips : You can Register Multiple Accounts for faster Farming of Token Points, The more the account you use to farm the Faster you can accumulate points. Note : Membership Works on Multiple Account , meaning you can Register as many account as you want as long as your Computer can hold But also remember DO NOT REGISTER TWO OR MORE CHARACTER IN SAME ACCOUNT OR ELSE IT WILL BE WASTED ! 2. TOKEN QUEST NPC. As soon as your done on Membership registration you may proceed to TOKEN QUEST NPC to start your quest. You may start picking any quest even red or black titled quest it will give same amount of token points which is 25pts. per quest. The category or list of quest will be given by the NPC will be random. For Easy and Quick guide check this link http://guiderz.com/guides/treasure_hunter_quest it will help you alot for the coordinates of your quest. Note : There's a List of category which some maps are Bugged if you encounter this list [ The Blank Box / Eddga / Phreeoni / Maya ] Do Not Pick Phreeoni and Maya ! instead Pick Eddga or Blank Box. Note : There's an interval on taking a quest, after picking quest you may pick another quest after 1 HOUR. you must wait for another hour after you finish your quest. Be careful not to forget the title of your quest once you forgot its title you cannot ask Token Quest NPC again to give you quest instead Token QUest NPC will as you to abandon your Quest and ask you to Pay 10million Zennies and aside from that instead of waiting for 1 Hour , you will wait 2 Hours instead. So be careful not to Forgot. 3.TREASURE HUNTER SHOP. You may find Treasure Hunter Quest NPC at Maintown. Here you can purchase Several Cards like High Wizard Card, Tao Gunka, Thanatos card, Trade it for Platinum Coins, and Most Importantly Trade it for Castle Drops Which You may need to make God Equips. Such as Brynhild , Asprika , Megingjord, Sleipnir, Mjolnir, And Briss. Treasure Hunting Quest Coordinates Guide below. http://guiderz.com/guides/treasure_hunter_quest HAPPY FARMING !!
  7. Rimuru™

    Moonlight Flower Strip Skill

    because its NPC Skill
  8. Rimuru™

    Unable to delete Character

  9. Rimuru™

    Grace Update 02 27 2019

    Added Dark Gods ♥ Added Costume @ Donation Shop Added Lotti Girl
  10. Gobta™

    Obtainable Gods

    Everyone can obtain gods without paying ( IF YOU'RE A PATIENT PLAYER ) MEGS , BRISS , BRYN , ASPRIKA , SLEIPNIR , MJOL are obtainable by FINISHING THE GODLY QUEST LOCATED AT MAINTOWN God Items has a unique requirements called CASTLE DROPS Castle Drops are obtainable by WOE ( War of Emperium ) winner or Treasure Hunting Quest Every Treasure Hunting Quest gives 25 points ( for every Red Quest ) that you finish http://guiderz.com/guides/treasure_hunter_quest << GUIDE FOR TREASURE HUNTER QUEST Every Castle Drop will cost 100+ Treasure Token -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also obtain MEGS and SLEIPNIR By Killing Thanatos and Champion Chen ( 2.00% chance ) And Sleipnir only For this MVP MONSTERS Thank you and God Bless
  11. Rimuru™

    Game Update 02 06 2019

    Skill Updates. Asura Strike Increase Damage by 20%. Bowling Bash Increase Damage by 300%. Spiral Pierce Increase Damage by 500%. Cart Termination Increase Damage by 700%. Double Strafe Increase Damage by 400%. Sharp Shooting Increase Damage by 200%. Sonic Blow Increase Damage by 300%. Soul Breaker Increase Damage by 100%. Demonstration Increase Damage by 200%. Acid Demonstration Increase Damage by 300%. Sacrifice Increase Damage by 100%. Flying Side Kick Increase Damage by 50%. Esma Increase Damage by 50%. Estun Increase Damage by 50%. Arrow Vulcan Increase Damage by 200%. Holy Light Increase Damage by 1000%. Quest Updates. Godly Quest Items . Mid Gears. Added Sharingan, Byakugan and Mangekyu Sharingan. Recolored Valkyrie Set Quest. Note : Essence of Valkyrie can be drop by Valkyrie ( chance of 10% ) and Rangdris ( chance of 100% ). NPC Update. Woe Prize Giver is now Online.
  12. CIaud

    Unable to delete Character

    It's not much of a problem since a lot of character slot is open for one account. I just want to inform GM/Admin that the character deletion is not working even with the right e-mail being use.
  13. BlackFlame

    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

    hmmm i did't watch the anime version since, im reading the manga and the novel one
  14. Jolteon

    Moonlight Flower Strip Skill

    The Strip of moonlight flower is not right. No timer when you got stripped / the debuff lasts forever.
  15. Rimuru™

    Donation Summer Promo!

    Donation Summer Promo! Donate ₱1,000 ($20) and receive the following: 1,200x Donation Coins 1x Refine Ticket 100x Platinum Coins Donate ₱3,000 ($60) and receive the following: 3,800x Donation Coins 3x Refine Ticket 500x Platinum Coins Donate ₱5,000 ($100) and receive the following: 6,200x Donation Coins 6x Refine Ticket 1,000x Platinum Coins Donate ₱10,000 ($200) and receive the following: 13,000x Donation Coins 15x Refine Ticket 2,200x Platinum Coins PROMO UNTIL March 20,2019
  16. BUY ITEMS INFORMATION & POLICY Thank you for considering to buy items or donating to Tempest Ragnarok Online. Playing TempestRO is 100% free; however, purchasing an item supports and helps us cover the costs of running a server. Purchasing items or donations help us pay the server and web hosting fees and also going towards any expansions and upgrades, advertising and other server expenses. Buy Item Policy Authenticity When purchasing items, you must provide us with your true, accurate, current and complete information needed for the transaction. TempestRO has the right to cancel any transaction where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information given is untrue, inaccurate, not current and incomplete. Information Security Rest assured that all information provided will be kept confidential. Refunds All purchased items or donations made and benefits received are non-refundable. Buy Item Gifts By purchasing an items, please do remember that you are helping to keep TempestRO alive. You are not purchasing an item or paying us for a service. All items received for purchasing an item are considered as our token of gratitude for supporting us. Lost Purchase/Donation Items Please be aware that TempestRO Staffs will not be held liable if any funds or items is to be lost due to any reason (hacking/scamming). No Extensions Purchasing items or making a donation does not exempt you in any way from abiding all Server and Forum rules. DONATE USING PAYPAL It is quite simple to donate using paypal and sometimes paypal accepts some credit cards that are declined by our check out system. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards, gift cards, savings and checkings accounts. You do not need a Paypal account to donate, the paypal account is created when you check out the first time (which takes a couple of minutes). Paypal transactions do not qualify for instant processing. You must open a support ticket after you have donated. 1. Visit http://paypal.com and click "Send" on the main menu 2. You will also be asked our paypal email which is "mharkeke003@gmail.com" and also the amount you would like to donate 3. The type of payment is for "Friend or Family". 4. You will then be asked to enter your billing address and credit card information and proceed to check out. 5. During this step it is important to include your account(login) name on the Note to seller 6. If the transaction is completed, you will need to message me here at forum to have your donation processed. (You can also message our Facebook Page instead.) This process usually takes within 24 hours. 7. Once the donation is processed you will be able to collect your donation credits from our Donation Redeemer in Poring War Market. You may exchange the credits for the donation items available on our Donation Shops. DONATE USING WESTERN UNION/LBC/CEBUANNA LHUILLIER If you don't have a Paypal account nor a credit card. You can still donate via Western Union, LBC, or Cebuanna Lhuillier. Follow the instructions below and open a support ticket after you have donated. 1. Go to your nearest Western Union, LBC, or Cebuanna Lhuillier branch. 2. Make sure you have your ID. Ask for the form for Sending Money. 3. Fill up the form given to you. 4. You will then be asked to write my name and location which is "Name: Mark Daniel Bagorio". 5. Submit the form to the counter together with your ID and money. 6. If the transaction is completed, you will need to message me here at forum to have your donation processed. (You can also message our Facebook Page instead.) This process usually takes within 24 hours. 7. Add the following in your support ticket: • Donated Via: Western Union • Sender's Full Name: John Doe • Sender's Address: Baker Street, London • Tracking Number: ABC09123 • Account(login) Name: johndoe1 • Scanned or photo of the receipt. 8. Once the donation is processed you will be able to collect your donation credits from our Donation Redeemer in Poring War Market. You may exchange the credits for the donation items available on our Donation Shops. DONATE USING BPI EXPRESS ONLINE
  17. Rimuru™

    Ragged Composite Bow (possible bug)

    Fixed. Thanks!
  18. Gaspar Le Marq

    Ragged Composite Bow (possible bug)

    When equipped with Ragged Composite Bow, it doesn't allow you to equip any arrows. Consequently, you can't use any offensive bow skills while this bow is equipped.
  19. Gobta™

    Leveling Guide for Str Based Job

    For Jobs Str Based Jobs Grab your FREEBIES and you'll get -5 Field Manuals -1 Moonie Hat -1 Fallen Angel Wing -1 ArchAngel Wing -1 Doppel Card Tips : Equip your doppelganger card to your knife to gain 199 aspd and use some Field Manuals Novice lvl 1 - 80 warp to (anthell01) and kill ant egg first , Then Kill Piere / Andre / Deniro Change job Level 80 - 90 warp to (moc_pryd03) and kill some mummy / Verit / mimic Change job Level 90 - 99 warp to moc_pryd04 Kill some isis Rebirth then Repeat the process untill level 99 Level 99-400 warp to Jupe_core / prt_maze03 / moc_pryd05 ( because it depends on the job that you pick ) Level 400-999 warp to thor_v03 ( kill Salamanders and Kasa ) I hope you like some newbie tips from me Please Like and Share our page if you have some Question just go to our discord Channel or facebook Page Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/338959690033547/ Discord Channel : https://discord.gg/RRrFgHB
  20. Rimuru™

    Farm Mode ON Update

    Mobs Update - x4 Spawn of The Paper at ama_dun03. - x3 Spawn of Grand Peco at yuno_fild08. Items Update - Entweihen Crothen Card from +100matk to +100%matk. - Golden Thief Bug Card Nerfed to 50% Nullified to Magic. NPC Update - Added Dice NPC.
  21. Rimuru™

    Game Rebalancing

    Commands Update - Added @warp, @go, @storage and @storeall. - Added @maintown, @quest, @market, and @mall. NPC Update - Endless Tower Entrance from 10,000 to 100,000,000. - Cash Shop Added Item Traveller's Hat and Chopper Hat.


  23. Dropping Garm (Int + 2 / Auto-cast Storm Gust lvl 10 when attacking and getting hit) -5pcs Fang of Hatii -2pcs Hatii Claw -200pcs Ice cubic -100pcs Glacial Heart ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Skull Beanie (Flee + 100) -300pcs Blue Hair -20pcs Black Dye Stuff ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Cygnus Helm (Grants user lvl 1 Defender) -10pcs Piece of Shield -300pcs Used Iron Plate ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Drooping Maya (5% Chance to change enemy to Undead) -20pcs Maya Card ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Headset (30% Increase Damage of Arrow Vulcan) -3pcs Headset ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Haruhi Ribbon (Max Sp + %5 / Increase Walking Speed) -1pc Kitty Band -200pcs Yellow Gemstone -1pc Champion Card ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hood of Death (+25% crit rate) with face of death combo (use lvl 1 Charge Attack) -300pcs Piece of Shield -200pcs Soft Feather ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Luck of Irish (Perfect dodge + 20) -300pcs Four leaf Clover -10pcs Magician Hat ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Moobert Hat (Grants lvl 1 improve concentration / Immune to freeze status) -300pcs Raggler Card ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Baal Helm (all stats + 5 / max hp + 10% / 10% Cross of darkness when hit 10% chance) -300pcs Evil Horn -1pc Helm ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Reisz Helmet (chance to cast suck blood / grants user level 1 energy coat) -1pc Ear Muffs -300pcs Soft Feather ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Skeggiold Hat (+50% magical attack) -300pcs Rune of Darkness -200pcs Skeggiold Card ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE --------------------------------------------------------------- Dragon Sun Helm (+30% Bowling bash damage / +100% Spiral Pierce Damage) -10pcs Helm -300pcs Soft Feather ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sniper Helm (+25% Double Strafe Damage / +100% max Hp) -1pc Sniper Card -1pc Helm of Angel -200pcs Soft Feather ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Enchanted Hat (Int + 20 / +20% Magic Attack / +25% damage of Bolts) -20pcs Wizard Hat -200 Foul Leaf Clover -300 Flower ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- White Wolf Hat (Reduce 10% Damage to Medium Size / Grants user level 1 lex Aeterna) -300pcs Claw of Desert Wolf -10pcs White Dye Stuff ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hokage Hat (+25% Damage to Demi Human) -1000pcs Soft Blade of Grass -1500pcs Piece of Bamboo -1000pcs Tough Vines ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Imp Hat (Grants user to use lvl 10 Fire Wall) -400pcs Imp Card ----------------------------------------------------T E M P E S T RAGNAROK ONLINE ----------------------------------------------------------------- Clock Manager Hat (Increase Walking Speed / +100% Damage of Mammonite / +50% Damage of Cart Termination) -300pcs Needle of Alarm -100 Ancient Mimic Card
  24. Rimuru™

    Askydun Quest Guide.

    1st meet Chevelle at Sky Haven (skycity 124 98) then bring his needs After that meet Simoun at Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 (lhz_dun04 97 270) Note: Before you can go to Lighthalzen Dungeon 4, You should finish the Biolab Quest 1st. then bring his needs After that you meet Melvin at Dimensional George (where Wounded Morroc Spawns, moc_fild22 181 170) Note: Before you can go to Dimensional George, you must finish the Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc) first. then bring what Melvin needs After that you can meet Ricky at Payon Town (payon 108 155). then bring what Ricky needs After that Holah! here a God Item Asprika for you! and a Character pass for Askydun Map!. Ricky will automatically warp you to Sky Haven where you can meet Stella to warp you to Askydun. Ask Stella to warp you to Askydun! Welcome to Askydun where you can Quest Legendary Items.
  25. Rimuru™

    LHZ4 Awakening Update

    NPC Updates - Added Refiner near the Card Remover at maintown. - Guide to Quest Area and Mall Area. - Askydun Quest Enabled. Map Updates - Lighthalzen Dungeon Floor 4 Enabled. - Poring Catcher map is now No PK Zone. Monster Updates - Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 Mobs has Custom Stats. - MVP mobs from Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 like Paladin Randel, Creator Flamel, Professor Celia, Stalker Gertie, Clown Alphoccio and Gypsy Trentini has 2% drop chance of Sleipnir[1], and for Champion Chen has 2% drop chance of Megingjard. Misc Updates - Arrow and Bullet are now Infinite.
  26. Anyone watching That time i got reincarnated as a slime ?
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