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  1. Rimuru™

    New Home Update

    Item Updates : Brisingamen is now +20 Int and Added 2% Magic Attack. Dark Brisingamen is now +25 Int. Tao Gunka Card Fixed Item Description. Tempest Stone Added to Item list. Golden Thief Bug Card Effect Increase by 10% ( From 50% to 60% ). Brown Valkyrie Shield Nerfed from 50% Water and Fire Resistance to 30%. NPC Updates : World Boss Treasure Chest is Now Fixed. Added Costume Items Quest. Godly Quest Moved to Askydun. Skill Updates : ColdBolt and FireBolt Increase by 15%. Misc Updates : Super Novice Increase Maximum HP.
  2. Rimuru™

    Moonlight Flower Strip Skill

    because its NPC Skill
  3. Rimuru™

    Unable to delete Character

  4. Rimuru™

    Grace Update 02 27 2019

    Added Dark Gods ♥ Added Costume @ Donation Shop Added Lotti Girl
  5. Rimuru™

    Game Update 02 06 2019

    Skill Updates. Asura Strike Increase Damage by 20%. Bowling Bash Increase Damage by 300%. Spiral Pierce Increase Damage by 500%. Cart Termination Increase Damage by 700%. Double Strafe Increase Damage by 400%. Sharp Shooting Increase Damage by 200%. Sonic Blow Increase Damage by 300%. Soul Breaker Increase Damage by 100%. Demonstration Increase Damage by 200%. Acid Demonstration Increase Damage by 300%. Sacrifice Increase Damage by 100%. Flying Side Kick Increase Damage by 50%. Esma Increase Damage by 50%. Estun Increase Damage by 50%. Arrow Vulcan Increase Damage by 200%. Holy Light Increase Damage by 1000%. Quest Updates. Godly Quest Items . Mid Gears. Added Sharingan, Byakugan and Mangekyu Sharingan. Recolored Valkyrie Set Quest. Note : Essence of Valkyrie can be drop by Valkyrie ( chance of 10% ) and Rangdris ( chance of 100% ). NPC Update. Woe Prize Giver is now Online.
  6. Rimuru™

    Donation Summer Promo!

    Donation Summer Promo! Donate ₱1,000 ($20) and receive the following: 1,200x Donation Coins 1x Refine Ticket 100x Platinum Coins Donate ₱3,000 ($60) and receive the following: 3,800x Donation Coins 3x Refine Ticket 500x Platinum Coins Donate ₱5,000 ($100) and receive the following: 6,200x Donation Coins 6x Refine Ticket 1,000x Platinum Coins Donate ₱10,000 ($200) and receive the following: 13,000x Donation Coins 15x Refine Ticket 2,200x Platinum Coins PROMO UNTIL March 20,2019
  7. BUY ITEMS INFORMATION & POLICY Thank you for considering to buy items or donating to Tempest Ragnarok Online. Playing TempestRO is 100% free; however, purchasing an item supports and helps us cover the costs of running a server. Purchasing items or donations help us pay the server and web hosting fees and also going towards any expansions and upgrades, advertising and other server expenses. Buy Item Policy Authenticity When purchasing items, you must provide us with your true, accurate, current and complete information needed for the transaction. TempestRO has the right to cancel any transaction where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that any information given is untrue, inaccurate, not current and incomplete. Information Security Rest assured that all information provided will be kept confidential. Refunds All purchased items or donations made and benefits received are non-refundable. Buy Item Gifts By purchasing an items, please do remember that you are helping to keep TempestRO alive. You are not purchasing an item or paying us for a service. All items received for purchasing an item are considered as our token of gratitude for supporting us. Lost Purchase/Donation Items Please be aware that TempestRO Staffs will not be held liable if any funds or items is to be lost due to any reason (hacking/scamming). No Extensions Purchasing items or making a donation does not exempt you in any way from abiding all Server and Forum rules. DONATE USING PAYPAL It is quite simple to donate using paypal and sometimes paypal accepts some credit cards that are declined by our check out system. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards, gift cards, savings and checkings accounts. You do not need a Paypal account to donate, the paypal account is created when you check out the first time (which takes a couple of minutes). Paypal transactions do not qualify for instant processing. You must open a support ticket after you have donated. 1. Visit http://paypal.com and click "Send" on the main menu 2. You will also be asked our paypal email which is "mharkeke003@gmail.com" and also the amount you would like to donate 3. The type of payment is for "Friend or Family". 4. You will then be asked to enter your billing address and credit card information and proceed to check out. 5. During this step it is important to include your account(login) name on the Note to seller 6. If the transaction is completed, you will need to message me here at forum to have your donation processed. (You can also message our Facebook Page instead.) This process usually takes within 24 hours. 7. Once the donation is processed you will be able to collect your donation credits from our Donation Redeemer in Poring War Market. You may exchange the credits for the donation items available on our Donation Shops. DONATE USING WESTERN UNION/LBC/CEBUANNA LHUILLIER If you don't have a Paypal account nor a credit card. You can still donate via Western Union, LBC, or Cebuanna Lhuillier. Follow the instructions below and open a support ticket after you have donated. 1. Go to your nearest Western Union, LBC, or Cebuanna Lhuillier branch. 2. Make sure you have your ID. Ask for the form for Sending Money. 3. Fill up the form given to you. 4. You will then be asked to write my name and location which is "Name: Mark Daniel Bagorio". 5. Submit the form to the counter together with your ID and money. 6. If the transaction is completed, you will need to message me here at forum to have your donation processed. (You can also message our Facebook Page instead.) This process usually takes within 24 hours. 7. Add the following in your support ticket: • Donated Via: Western Union • Sender's Full Name: John Doe • Sender's Address: Baker Street, London • Tracking Number: ABC09123 • Account(login) Name: johndoe1 • Scanned or photo of the receipt. 8. Once the donation is processed you will be able to collect your donation credits from our Donation Redeemer in Poring War Market. You may exchange the credits for the donation items available on our Donation Shops. DONATE USING BPI EXPRESS ONLINE
  8. Rimuru™

    Ragged Composite Bow (possible bug)

    Fixed. Thanks!
  9. Rimuru™

    Farm Mode ON Update

    Mobs Update - x4 Spawn of The Paper at ama_dun03. - x3 Spawn of Grand Peco at yuno_fild08. Items Update - Entweihen Crothen Card from +100matk to +100%matk. - Golden Thief Bug Card Nerfed to 50% Nullified to Magic. NPC Update - Added Dice NPC.
  10. Rimuru™

    Game Rebalancing

    Commands Update - Added @warp, @go, @storage and @storeall. - Added @maintown, @quest, @market, and @mall. NPC Update - Endless Tower Entrance from 10,000 to 100,000,000. - Cash Shop Added Item Traveller's Hat and Chopper Hat.
  11. Rimuru™

    Askydun Quest Guide.

    1st meet Chevelle at Sky Haven (skycity 124 98) then bring his needs After that meet Simoun at Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 (lhz_dun04 97 270) Note: Before you can go to Lighthalzen Dungeon 4, You should finish the Biolab Quest 1st. then bring his needs After that you meet Melvin at Dimensional George (where Wounded Morroc Spawns, moc_fild22 181 170) Note: Before you can go to Dimensional George, you must finish the Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc) first. then bring what Melvin needs After that you can meet Ricky at Payon Town (payon 108 155). then bring what Ricky needs After that Holah! here a God Item Asprika for you! and a Character pass for Askydun Map!. Ricky will automatically warp you to Sky Haven where you can meet Stella to warp you to Askydun. Ask Stella to warp you to Askydun! Welcome to Askydun where you can Quest Legendary Items.
  12. Rimuru™

    LHZ4 Awakening Update

    NPC Updates - Added Refiner near the Card Remover at maintown. - Guide to Quest Area and Mall Area. - Askydun Quest Enabled. Map Updates - Lighthalzen Dungeon Floor 4 Enabled. - Poring Catcher map is now No PK Zone. Monster Updates - Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 Mobs has Custom Stats. - MVP mobs from Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 like Paladin Randel, Creator Flamel, Professor Celia, Stalker Gertie, Clown Alphoccio and Gypsy Trentini has 2% drop chance of Sleipnir[1], and for Champion Chen has 2% drop chance of Megingjard. Misc Updates - Arrow and Bullet are now Infinite.
  13. Anyone watching That time i got reincarnated as a slime ?
  14. Rimuru™

    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules Last Update: 09-January-2019 Do not perform or be involved with any of the following: 1. Posting Rules Spamming Spamming includes posting pointless messages or posting pointless topics. This also includes posting topics/posts with less than 10 words. Posting messages with the sole intention of increasing post count is considered spam. Repeated answers on a topic that was obviously already answered on the same thread is also considered a spam depending on the posting time. Consecutively posting in 3 or more off topic topics/guides, whether for post count or not, is considered spam. Guild Topics are for the respective guilds to post in, if you are not welcome there, stay out of them. 2. Double Posting Double posting is considered whether its done on a specific thread or topic as long as it is under the same author. Use the edit function to avoid double posting If necessary send a private message to the Moderating Team for post or topic deletion. 3. Topic Bump Bumping a topic is considered as double posting if coming from the same poster and is not allowed. One liner posts that is intended for bumping a topic is considered as spam. Any form of bump on a topic is not allowed. Bumping is permitted to one post per day in Buying/Selling topics, only by the topic starter. Topic Necrophilia posts will be deleted (i.e. the resurrection of "dead" threads by posting unrelated comments) 4. Repeated Topics Avoid posting topics that has been answered multiple times in the past. Use the search function to avoid the repeated threads. Prioritize reading pinned topics before posting. If necessary send a private message to the Moderating Team for topic deletion. Re-posting a guide which has been written by someone else before (without plagiarism) is just fine as it keeps our guide section up to date. 5. Off Topic All discussions must be related only to the topic title itself. Avoid trailing off the topic. 6. Complaint/Grievance Topics If the topic is pertaining to any person on this server, whether it be a player, a Game Master, a group of players or a group of Game Masterss, a Private Message must be sent to the person(s). Complaint/grievance topics are absolutely not to be made about others. If you are looking for a public opinion on any person(s), discuss it with your friends elsewhere that is not related to TempestRO. Members are free to air their concerns about the server only, and only if it is constructive. No insults toward the Game Master team/players/server and/or the decisions of those persons will be tolerated. They are also to be posted in the Suggestions Section only. That also means that the topic must not only have one's constructive concerns written, but a plausible solution must also be named. This applies to the entire topic. 7. Forum Section Posting All topics created must be posted on their appropriate sections. Any other topic that doesn't belong to any section should be posted on the Trash Section. All posts not written in English must be posted on their appropriate Language Support Section, but are allowed in the Guild Discussion Section. 8. Language The forum's main language is English and therefore all post must be written in English. Status Updates and posts in the Chat/Shout Box must also be in English. All posts not written in English must be posted on their appropriate Language Support Section, but are allowed in the Guild Discussion Section. At any circumstances a member should not deliberately post content that is incomprehensible to general posting population. Any derogatory remark written in any language aside from English will still fall under Verbal Abuse. 9. Verbal Abuse No member is allowed to post any defamatory remark to other members, the server or the staff under any circumstances. Improper sexual/racial/ethnic or violent posts will also be considered as verbal abuse. Do not make personal attacks against anyone, whether it be warranted or not. Do not spread false statements (or even true ones that are defamatory) about anyone. Flaming and Flame Wars is also covered on this section. 10. Post Format Please post legibly. Avoid posting in All-caps, excessive punctuation, etc. Font type/color/size must be appropriate to the default Forum Skin. 11. Image Use All images must be posted on a thumbnail format if they exceed the normal size of the body of the message particularly screenshots with the exception of signatures. All images must use an image host or hosted personally. Hotlinking is not allowed. If the forum section allowes it, you can upload images to our webhost instead. Do not post sexually explicit or graphically violent images that may offend others without any proper warning. Never post any image that is not actually yours. Do not post images that suggest degradation to the server, any player or staff member. 12. Trolling A troll is someone who intentionally posts derogatory controversial messages in an on-line discussion forum with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional and argumentative response. Anyone who entertains the troll shall receive a punishment under flaming. 13. Links Do not post any links linking to Scam Sites, Bogus Sites, Browser-Bombs, Abnormal Pop ups, Bots and Third Party Programs, and any link that pertains to illegal activities, annoying, abnormal and dangerous site. All links containing these are immediately deleted. 14. Server Advertisement Any post containing any reference to other servers shall be deleted or covered. Authors shall be handled accordingly as well according to the System of Sanctions. 15. Real Money Trading/Intraserver Trading Trading of real money to any virtual items on this or any other entity is not allowed. Server to server trade is also not allowed. Any advertisement of such act is not allowed. Topics under this category shall be closed immediately. 16. Plagiarism Plagiarizing, no matter how big or small is not allowed. Plagiarism doesn't affect just guides, it affects all sections on the forum. To avoid plagiarism, please give credit by giving the original author's name and site/source you got it from. Topics under this category shall be closed immediately and the author of the topic dealt with under the System of Sanction. 17. Forum Profiles Forum profiles are for letting other users know who you are and what your interests are. Forum profiles are not to be used for degrading any player, the server or anyone from the Game Master Team. Nothing under any other forum rules is allowed to be in profiles, such as bad links, verbal abuse, crude avatars/profile pictures, etc. Profiles found breaking this rule will be punished and all content removed. 18. Forum Account A member should only have one forum account. Any member caught using 2 identities to flame, cheat poll results, troll, avoid punishments, or any such acts, will be dealt severely. Any improper naming conventions is not allowed. Impersonating a known player, member or Game Master is also not allowed. 19. Signature Rules All signatures must not exceed 1000 px long by 200px high including text and images. Signature must not contain any profanity or defamatory remark. All forum rules apply to signatures. 20. Player Report Rules Player reports must be reported in the "My Player Reports" forum section. All topics created within this section are private and can bee seen be reporter and the Game Masters only. A screenshot is required in every report that can show the violators in question as a proof. Adherence to the Player Report Guidelines is strictly required. Any alteration done on a screenshot will be deemed invalid. Any intentional misinformation - Posting edited screen shots to accuse someone, using duplicate accounts to trick people, posting hoax statements and the likes is not allowed as well. All accepted reports will merit either a ban or jail time. Appeals could be made by posting on the report itself or if the report is closed, send a Private Message to the Game Master who handled the report. Report might be re-opened on the event of an appeal. 21. Status Updates All forum rules apply to status updates. Status updates must be written in English. Status updates shall not be abused for support requests. They will be ignored by the Support Team. Please use the specific support section within our forum instead. Entries here are subject to change without prior notice. Your TempestRO GM Team
  15. Rimuru™

    Ingame Rules

    In-Game Rules - Detailed Last Update: 09-January-2019 Do not perform or be involved with any of the following: 1. Multiple Accounts Only 1 ingame account per person is allowed. Depending on the situation you may not be punished if a second account is being used for auto-vending only as long as it is not being abused for any of the things listed below. Abusing any system using multiple accounts to gain a personal benefit is strictly forbidden. This includes and is not limited to, Battlegrounds, WoE, Game Master- and automated-Events or Login Rewards. Avoiding given cooldowns and restrictions for own profit by using multiple accounts is strictly forbidden. (This includes and is not limited to instances) Hiding multiple accounts behind different e-mail adresses or proxies is strictly forbidden. We do not hesitate to permanently ban all accounts related/being involved into such cases. 2. Bug/Glitch Abuse & Cheating Knowingly or unknowingly abusing a bug, glitch or cheating to one's advantage. All bugs and glitches must be reported immediately or you're considered a bug abuser / cheater. If you're not certain if it's an actual bug or glitch, report it anways! - Bug reports must either be reported public for anyone to see: Bug Report Section - Or in case it's a more sensitive case, please report it within the My Player Reports section which is entirely hidden for other players. Players who observe another player engaged into bug abuse or cheating must report that player immediately to us. Players who do not report players mentioned above are considered an accomplice and will be punished alike. We do not hesitate to permanently ban all accounts related/being involved into such cases. 3. Cheating Using third party programs or any programs not supported for use by TempestRO for personal gain or malicious intent. Botting, Macros, manipulating files associated to TempestRO and Packet Manipulation is considered cheating. Causing malicious harm to the server or any player/staff member's account(s) or anything on one's account is considered cheating. 3rd party tools or any modifications which can affect the gameplay are also against the rules. Using more than one character at any given time is considered cheating. Abusing any system such as AFK farming during Battlegrounds, War of Emperium or other similiar features is strictly forbidden. We do not hesitate to permanently ban all accounts related/being involved into such cases. 4. Vote for Credits Abuse Any trial to bypass the security measurments implemented into our Vote for Credits system is considered cheating. This includes voting from multiple accounts, using proxy servers or avoiding the cooldown in any way. You are only allowed to vote one time per person, per vote page every 12 hours. Constantly clicking the vote buttons without entering the captchas on the topsites you're being led to is considered cheating. We do not hesitate to permanently ban all accounts related/being involved into such cases. 5. Scamming Purposefully misleading players into deals or situations in which one will benefit from the victimized player. This includes impersonating any member of the GM team or any other person, such as someones friend. Asking for account names/passwords/personal information is considered scamming. Purposefully selling lower-grade items that mimic higher-grade items. (i.e.; selling the common item "Battered Kettle" at a price that the similar-looking item, "Magic Kettle", would be sold.) Blackmailing; extorting items, zeny or any related thing from a player by the use of threats, intimidation or revelation of scandalous or personal/defamatory circumstances. 5.1. Borrowing Items Borrowing an item and not returning it to it's rightful owner doesn't have to be treated as scamming. A Game Master however, may still punish if it's proved. It is really important that you understand: We're only offering a TRADING SYSTEM. Do never borrow any items, if you're willing to get it back afterwards. All reports upon borrowing an item will be rejected from the GM Team. 5.2. Unrightfully obtained Items If an item was unrightfully obtained in any way and any GM volunteers to trace that person down (Character Name must be known), the person having picked up the item MUST return the item on the GM's demand. If returning is refused, it will be treated as scamming, since the situation is considered to benefit the culprit. 6. Real Money Trading/Intraserver Trading Trading items, zeny, accounts, or any virtual TempestRO aspects for real money is forbidden, this includes trading with Cash Shop Points. TempestRO and everything associated with it is not to be used for personal profit. It's not in our interest to protect both, the buyers and the sellers. As there's no system available to lead you through the process, there's also no guarantee that either the buyer nor the seller will get their respective item/account or money. If you have been scammed in such a case, do not report it, as we're not going to take any action. 7. Kill Stealing Attacking a monster by any means that is already attacking/being attacked by another player. If the player seems unresponsive, you still may not attack their monster. Do not attack a player's monster to "help" them unless they ask for it. All MVPs whether summoned by Bloody Branch, Event Summon, Game Master Summon, or Natural Spawn are Free for All (FFA) with the only exception of such MVPs summoned through quests including but not limited to Thanatos and Ktullanux. Mini-bosses does not count as MVPs. They are NOT Free for All (FFA). World Bosses are an expection and can be attacked by any player at any given time. 8. Verbal Abuse Directing insults, demeaning names, slander, profanity or uncivilized attitude toward players, the staff, the server, or any aspect of the server. Acts of verbal abuse are not tolerated in private chat, towns, out of towns, in channels, through megaphone usage or in WoE. Swearing in PvP gets tolerated to some degree since it is part of the competitive game play. This however doesn't mean that you can't be punished for severe swearing and/or verbal abuse. Since your participation in guild/party chat is "at will", we take a very lenient stance on this issue. Only the most severe harassment will be considered. The Game Masters will be the judge of this, and not any other player -- whether they be a victim, the convicted, witness, or any other status. Repeated acts of verbal abuse, whether consecutively or not, will be treated with a harsher punishment. Refer to this article regarding words that may be treated as verbal abuse. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis and take action as necessary. 9. Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment regards the unwelcome use of sexually suggestive comments in a social environment. This holds true irrespective of whether the comment itself is derogatory or simply crude. If you mean to joke, it is your responsibility to ensure that your jokes and humour will not be considered offensive to the person you interact with before you make them. If they are offended, 'I was just joking' will not be considered to be a valid defense. 10. Spamming Repeatedly emitting the same line(s) of text whether it's consistent or not (chatting or buying/selling/trading), and/or skill consecutively. Spamming is not allowed anywhere, and is zero-tolerance in town areas and public channels. 11. Illegal Chatting/Vending Chat Rooms and Vending Shops have to be placed within their designated areas. Chat rooms shouldn't block the view of surrounding NPCs and have to be created off the sidewalks. No more than 2 Vendor of the same player in the Vending Area, players caught will be punished. 12. Server Advertisement Advertising another Ragnarok Online (or any other MMORPG) server or mentioning the name of another server to lure players to the said location. Server advertisement or mentioning another server in any way is prohibited. Do not name characters after servers or with "RO"/"Ro" at the end of the name. All lowercase is fine unless we see it as an obvious advertisement. 13. Asking to be a GM or part of the staff Requesting any position as a GM, moderator, or staff member. We do only recruit openly by application. 14. Begging Requesting items, zeny or assistance consecutively Asking or PMing a player/GM multiple times for items, zeny or assistance is considered as begging and is prohibited. 15. Degrading the Server Insulting or complaining about any aspect of the server and its players/staff. This includes complaining about rates, items, level caps, lag, quests, players, guilds, GMs, or anything in the server. Expression of opinion on these matters is okay, but repeatedly and/or malevolently expressing one's opinion distastefully is not. We're always open for suggestions and feedback as long as they're constructive. Feedback & Suggestions Section 16. Skill Abuse Using skills to cause harm or annoyance on other players (out of PvP) This includes, but is not limited to, using skills to trap players, bestow errors upon them, summoning monsters to harm players, buffing mobs that others are fighting, etc. 17. AFK Hunting Hunting for items without the need of moving or killing mobs directly. This includes, but is not limited to, use of homunculus/mercenary while on idle, use of damage returning items/equipment or skills, etc. 18. Inappropriate Character/Party/Guild/Title Naming Naming characters/guilds/parties after crude or sexual things. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual references, swear words, abuse of any sort, and can be punishable no matter what language the words are in. 19. Megaphones Any form of abuse via megaphones will be treated accordingly. Megaphones are to be used in English only. 20. Channels All above mentioned rules apply within channels which includes, but is not limited to, private/custom channels as well. The game's main language is English and therefore all chat content within public channels must be written in English. All other languages are allowed to be spoken within private/custom channels. We may use your e-mail address used during the registration process to send you a newsletter ones in a while. You can unsubscribe at any given time. Entries here are subject to change without prior notice. Your TempestRO GM Team