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Leveling Guide for Str Based Job

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For Jobs
Str Based Jobs

Grab your FREEBIES and you'll get
-5 Field Manuals
-1 Moonie Hat
-1 Fallen Angel Wing
-1 ArchAngel Wing
-1 Doppel Card

Tips :

Equip your doppelganger card to your knife to gain 199 aspd
and use some Field Manuals

Novice lvl 1 - 80  warp to (anthell01)
and kill ant egg first , Then Kill Piere / Andre / Deniro

Change job

Level 80 - 90 warp to (moc_pryd03)
and kill some mummy / Verit / mimic

Change job

Level 90 - 99 warp to moc_pryd04
Kill some isis

Rebirth then Repeat the process untill level 99

Level 99-400
warp to Jupe_core / prt_maze03 / moc_pryd05

( because it depends on the job that you pick )

Level 400-999
warp to thor_v03

( kill Salamanders and Kasa )

I hope you like some newbie tips from me Please Like and Share our page
if you have some Question just go to our discord Channel or facebook Page

Facebook Page :
Discord Channel :


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