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Game Update 02 06 2019

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Skill Updates. :th_e20:

Asura Strike Increase Damage by 20%.
Bowling Bash Increase Damage by 300%.
Spiral Pierce Increase Damage by 500%.
Cart Termination Increase Damage by 700%.
Double Strafe Increase Damage by 400%.
Sharp Shooting Increase Damage by 200%.
Sonic Blow Increase Damage by 300%.
Soul Breaker Increase Damage by 100%.
Demonstration Increase Damage by 200%.
Acid Demonstration Increase Damage by 300%.
Sacrifice Increase Damage by 100%.
Flying Side Kick Increase Damage by 50%.
Esma Increase Damage by 50%.
Estun Increase Damage by 50%.
Arrow Vulcan Increase Damage by 200%.
Holy Light Increase Damage by 1000%.

Quest Updates.


Godly Quest Items :th_omg::th_omg::th_omg::th_omg:.



Mid Gears.

Added Sharingan, Byakugan and Mangekyu Sharingan.


Recolored Valkyrie Set Quest.

Note : Essence of Valkyrie can be drop by Valkyrie ( chance of 10% ) and Rangdris ( chance of 100% ).

NPC Update.


Woe Prize Giver is now Online.

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