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LHZ4 Awakening Update

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NPC Updates

- Added Refiner near the Card Remover at maintown.

- Guide to Quest Area and Mall Area.

- Askydun Quest Enabled.


Map Updates

- Lighthalzen Dungeon Floor 4 Enabled.

- Poring Catcher map is now No PK Zone.


Monster Updates

- Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 Mobs has Custom Stats.

- MVP mobs from Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 like Paladin Randel, Creator Flamel, Professor Celia, Stalker Gertie, Clown Alphoccio and Gypsy Trentini has 2% drop chance of Sleipnir[1], and for Champion Chen has 2% drop chance of Megingjard.


Misc Updates

- Arrow and Bullet are now Infinite.

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