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Askydun Quest Guide.

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1st meet Chevelle at Sky Haven (skycity 124 98)


then bring his needs


After that meet Simoun at Lighthalzen Dungeon 4 (lhz_dun04 97 270) Note: Before you can go to Lighthalzen Dungeon 4, You should finish the Biolab Quest 1st.


then bring his needs


After that you meet Melvin at Dimensional George (where Wounded Morroc Spawns, moc_fild22 181 170) Note: Before you can go to Dimensional George, you must finish the Continental Guard Quest (Resurrection of Satan Morroc) first.


then bring what Melvin needs


After that you can meet Ricky at Payon Town (payon 108 155).


then bring what Ricky needs


After that Holah! here a God Item Asprika for you! and a Character pass for Askydun Map!.


Ricky will automatically warp you to Sky Haven where you can meet Stella to warp you to Askydun.


Ask Stella to warp you to Askydun! 🙂


Welcome to Askydun where you can Quest Legendary Items.

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